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World of Warships announces a collab with Popeye the Sailor Man in support of World Ocean Month

What happens when a charitable initiative, a spinach-eating sailor man, and World of Warships collide? One of the weirder yet more wholesome transmedia synergy...

Call of Duty is getting a board game – with a Kickstarter planned for this fall

There's a point in the movie Spaceballs where it lampooned a certain franchise's merchandising zeal, but it likely didn't account for the Call of...

SMITE introduces Ix Chel the Light Weaver and kicks off a G.I. Joe collaboration in latest patch

The MOBA SMITE continues to pull from '80s and '90s cartoon antiquity with its latest update. This time around, it's launching a collaboration event...

The Stream Team: Making my way through Neverwinter’s new Menzoberranzan with devs

If Massively OP's MJ had to pick a favorite place in D&D lore, it would be Menzoberranzan; that's where she started her tabletop adventuring....

Lord of the Rings Online sells max-level boosts for a limited time, previews new forums

If you're willing to crack open your wallet wide, you can take the express lanes right to level 140 in Lord of the Rings...

Snag a Heroes Evolved MOBA gift key from NetDragon and MOP

Heroes Evolved is a mobile MOBA we haven't covered in years, and I do mean years, as the game is officially celebrating its sixth...

Elder Scrolls Online is running a free-play event through April 17

As part of Elder Scrolls Online's anniversary festivities - and concurrent with next week's big Vegas event and Necrom previews - ZeniMax Online studios...

Grab a World of Warships Legends veteran or newbie gift code from Wargaming and MOP (Console)

Wargaming didn't leave console fans out of the fun this week: World of Warships Legends also has a stack of freebies for our readers...

Grab a World of Warships veteran or newbie gift code from Wargaming and MOP (PC)

World of Warships studio Wargaming has a treat for MassivelyOP readers today in the form of freebies for both veterans and new players in...
Hire a... you know the drill.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back its free login campaign and hands out the Stormblood expansion for a limited time

Are you a lapsed Final Fantasy XIV player who is looking for some free login time? Or perhaps you're looking to buy the game's...

Grab a new-player survivor pack key for IGG’s Doomsday: Last Survivors

If you've got a soft spot for the ol' zombie survival games that used to be everywhere and then dried up, IGG's Android-and-iPhone Doomsday...

Dungeons and Dragons Online hands out free questing coupons to all

I've long held the opinion that Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of the more underrated MMORPGs on the market, especially with its narration,...

Grab a new-player bonus pack key for IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash has offered our readers a round of free keys for in-game items to easy them into the...

Diablo IV is giving away home care service to let players enjoy the upcoming open beta chore-free

If you thought Diablo IV joining forces with KFC was weird, you ain't seen nothing yet, friends: This week, Blizzard has just announced a...

PSA: Steam’s Spring Sale offers up discounts for MMORPGs and expansions

Are you in the market for a new MMO or MMORPG to play? Then you might be interested to know that the Steam Spring...

Gamigo hosts St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt across RIFT, Trove, and Fiesta Online’s social media

We learned a couple of new things today, thanks to Gamigo. First, we discovered that you can include little pictures as part of URLs,...

Grab a Eudemons starter kit in honor of the Swordmaster class launch

Netdragon's MMO Eudemons is busy this month celebrating the launch of a brand-new class, the Swordmaster, who can "control thousands of flying swords and...
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World of Warcraft gives every inactive account free Dragonflight access for the weekend

So, how's World of Warcraft: Dragonflight doing? Well, the game is running a promotional campaign this weekend offering expansion access to every inactive account...

Blizzard is handing out Diablo IV early beta access in exchange for eating Kentucky Fried Chicken

File this one along with the other weird gaming promos we've seen this week: Blizzard is partnering with Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC to...

Final Fantasy XIV and Puma are collaborating for a new line of shoes, shirts, and pants

You might not think that Final Fantasy XIV wants to be Destiny 2, since the two games play differently and are made by different...