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Our occasional roundup and deep-dive of MMOs that may have fallen of your radar. [Follow this series’ RSS feed]

2019 indie MMO Slay Together resurfaces with a crafting update

Way back in 2019, we covered a brand-new teeny-tiny MMORPG dubbed Slay Together, an early access MMORPG with a simple gameplay loop and reasonable...

Swords of Legends Online continues to focus its updates on cash shop items instead of content

At the top of this year we wondered whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online and found that the answer was a continually updating...

Whatever happened to vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss?

You are totally excused from having to remember that a somewhat obscure vampire MMO named Shadow's Kiss was the first (early access) release of...

Whatever happened to multiplayer sandbox Samutale?

When we first covered cutesy samurai-themed sandbox MMORPG Samutale on the pages of MassivelyOP, it was 2016, and it had already been in development...

Whatever happened to PixArk, Ship of Fools, and Justice Online?

Welcome back to another edition of Whatever Happened To, our intermittent roundup on MMOs and multiplayer games that have somehow slipped off our radar...

Whatever happened to Creativerse? For starters, it went fully buy-to-play

It's been a terribly long time since we checked in on Creativerse, a cutesy multiplayer voxelbox that launched out of early access way back...

War of Dragnorox talks UE5 upgrade, monetization, and ‘dangerous’ and ‘highly intellectual’ combat

Back in December 2021, we reported on War of Dragnorox, a developing sandbox MMORPG from Triune Studios that hung its hat on having "dynamic...

Whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online?

A funny thing happened as we were moving through our news room today. Bree noted out of the blue that we hadn't seen any...

Pirates of the Burning Sea heads toward Steam as it sails past its 15th anniversary

With the 15th anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea sailing into port, we thought it was time to touch base with this fascinating...

Whatever happened to NetEase’s DarkBind?

Last spring we got word of a new NetEase mobile MMO in the works called DarkBind. The studio promoted the game's attractive graphics, hardcore...

Whatever happened to Skyforge?

With the new year, it's probably time to touch base with the fantasy/sci-fi hybrid Skyforge -- especially following the game's parent company being sold...

Ryzom takes players on a flythrough its classic vistas in latest video

Ryzom: It's Still Around!™ That's the cheerful takeaway for the game's most recent video, which grants veterans and potential players a flythrough several of...

Whatever happened to Masangsoft’s reboot of RaiderZ?

RaiderZ is something of an old and spectral name among the minds of MMORPG veterans and is very possibly unheard of among genre neophytes,...
Notster Hunter.

Whatever happened to Noah’s Heart?

Remember Noah's Heart? Possibly not. The game launched in July promising an open-world MMO experience on both PC and mobile platforms, and if you're...

Funcom’s cartoony multiplayer roguelike Conan Chop Chop hasn’t seen an update since April

The goofy yet punishing roguelike Conan Chop Chop has had an equally goofy and punishing development trajectory. For those who don't recall, this game...
Yes, I'm aware of the disconnect of using this as an example, just move past it.

Whatever happened to throne war MMO Crowfall?

It's been some time since we peered in on the news coming out of Crowfall, the Kickstarted PvP "throne war" MMO originally from developer...

Whatever happened to Kickstarted MMO Destiny’s Sword? Well, for starters, it’s not an MMO anymore

Sometimes when we circle back around to a game we haven't covered in a while, we're met with a big surprise. That's absolutely the...

Whatever happened to The Repopulation? (2022 Edition)

A few weeks back, I was working on a column that includes a reference to The Repopulation, and I realized I hadn't heard anything...

Valiance Online says it’s building ‘a solid foundation’ but hasn’t showed any progress this year so far

While the City of Heroes rogue servers continue to roll and spiritual successors such as City of Titans and Ship of Heroes are vocal...

Whatever happened to combat-free MMO A Tale in the Desert?

A Tale in the Desert is probably one of the more distinctive MMOs out there. Featuring a lack of combat and a very MUD-like...