dual universe

Official Site: Dual Universe
Studio: Novaquark
Launch Date: Planned for 2018
Genre: Sci-fi sandbox
Business Model: Subscription
Platform: PC


The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best space combat?

When you get tired of your iron-plated boots being stuck to a giant gravity ball, you may yearn to take flight into the sky...
Single-platform universe.

Dual Universe previews update 1.3’s schematic container, maintenance unit, and expanded ship shop

The next major update coming to the sci-fi building sandbox of Dual Universe is on the way, and it's bringing several quality-of-life features for...

Dual Universe answers more player questions about ship control and offers new player advice

Dual Universe is back with yet another player Q&A video, fielding a selection of player questions and granting them developer answers. Which is what...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2023

Nobody can see the future, but it sure is fun guessing, and that's exactly what we're going to do for (to?) the MMO genre...

Dual Universe’s 1.2 update introduces a tactical map, a returning planet, and new spawning rules for asteroids

Regular players of Dual Universe were likely already keeping abreast of the features due for the sandbox's next patch, but yesterday saw the update...
Run! They've got a New World in the sidecar!

End-of-Year Eleven: The biggest MMO stories of 2022

I might be biased - by which I mean I am definitely biased - but 2022 was a year of big stories and big...

Dual Universe readies Update 1.2 with its tactical map and unpredictable asteroids

Dual Universe's September launch was one of the quieter events of the MMO year, which probably isn't a good thing. Still, the devs at...
It's rated for space travel.

Dual Universe released new Kickstarter rewards in its 1.1 update this week

So what's going on with Dual Universe since it launched? Well, you know... post-launch stuff. The game has been doing the things that you...

Dual Universe relocates an in-game museum and confirms a lack of Steam Deck support

Players of Dual Universe might be wondering how an entire museum got moved around recently. Or maybe they're not and have other things to...

Dual Universe plans new talents and updated tools in future patches, offers free sub time for sick CSGO clips

Yes, we know that the intersection of CSGO and Dual Universe doesn't seem like one that should be; we'll get to that in a...

Dual Universe teases big ‘monthiversary’ announcement, hosts creepy construct contest

It's been about a month since the sci-fi voxelbox Dual Universe walked out of beta, which apparently is reason enough for developer Novaquark to...

The Stream Team: Dual Universe window shopping and house hopping

When Dual Universe's alpha first started, you had to build everything from scratch. Everything. Now, between the NPC and player merchants, there is plenty...

The Stream Team: The early days of Dual Universe

Now that Dual Universe has launched, there's a ton that Massively OP's MJ needs to do. But in these early days, she's just barely...

Dual Universe’s launch is tripped up by bugs, performance issues, and problems with subscriptions

No MMO launch plan survives contact with the enemy (aka access by players at scale), so knowing that yesterday's launch of Dual Universe had...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 390: All systems go for MMO launches

Justin and Bree discuss Star Citizen's crowdfunding, Wrath Classic's launch, Dual Universe, Mythic, Ultima Online's 25th birthday, Tibia, and LOTRO Before the Shadow, with adventures in SWG Legends and Truck Simulator, plus a voicemail topic on MMO systems proliferated across the genre.

The Stream Team: Dual Universe launches with a giveaway

The space sandbox Dual Universe just launched today, and Massively OP's MJ is raring to dig in! Literally -- she's looking forward to mining...

Dual Universe debuts a new trailer and offers lapsed players free play time for today’s launch

Dual Universe is going live today - something that regular readers would be more than familiar with given our coverage of the news coming...

Some Assembly Required: What to expect from Dual Universe’s September 27 wipe and launch

Having trouble logging into Dual Universe? That's because Novaquark shut down its servers on the 22nd. But don't worry, the space sandbox did not...

PSA: Dual Universe is offering a free trial Steam demo ahead of its launch

Buying in to a sandbox MMO can always be a risky proposition, especially one that's got the depth of building tools like Dual Universe...

The Stream Team: The Mo Mania IV SUBtember Streamathon

A tradition that Massively OP's MJ missed last year due to the lightning curse was the annual MO Mania SUBtember Streamathon. Trust us, she...