this is why we can’t have nice things

The real problem with this genre is the fact that humans play it. Here’s some of the worst stuff they’ve done.

Amazon is shutting down New World’s and Lost Ark’s forums next week in favor of Discord

Yesterday, I said in MOP's work chat that the New World team deserved kudos for being one of the few major MMO studios pumping...
Fight for something, probably, whatever.

That NetEase lawsuit against Blizzard turns out to have been a… bizarre clerical error?

Yesterday, we - and just about everyone else in the industry - picked up a Wowhead story about a lawsuit being lodged by NetEase...
Fandaniel is a bad person, don't be like Fandaniel.

Square-Enix claps hands with a blockchain game platform that ‘hides web3 technology under the hood’

At this point, game publishers and developers are likely wise to the fact that the vast majority of gamers don't want, like, or need...

Nexon formally files a copyright infringement lawsuit against Dark and Darker studio Ironmace

Considering the very public back-and-forth between Nexon and Dark and Darker developer Ironmace, this development seems like a foregone conclusion, but it is now...

Players cry foul over Call of Duty Warzone cash shop skins that offer unfair advantages

More often than not, the term "pay-to-win" is used as a weapon against almost anything, but in the case of some discovered premium skins...

Steam’s automodding of Counter-Strike skin-selling bots is catching legitimate players in its dragnet

Welcome back to another episode of We Don't Need to Fear the Singularity Because the People Writing AI Are Too Stupid for That to...

EVE Online players commandeered a dormant guild and made off with $22K in plunder

As most longtime MMO players know, leaders going AFK for extended periods can result in all kinds of shenanigans in player organizations behind their...

Microsoft president and US intel say Russian operatives are targeting gaming for espionage

Earlier this week, we covered the bizarre but sadly believable news that the military secrets leak every major newspaper is currently focused on may...

Genshin Impact’s latest update replaces Tighnari’s English voice actor after sexual allegation scandal

The latest patch available for Genshin Impact features a lot of things in its notes, but fans might also see an important piece of...

Swords of Legends Online continues to focus its updates on cash shop items instead of content

At the top of this year we wondered whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online and found that the answer was a continually updating...

MUD Aetolia used ChatGPT to generate NPC dialogue and grant a fake quest

Some game developers continue to laud AI generation tools like ChatGPT as the future of many frontiers, including NPC behavior in MMORPGs and gaming...

Dark and Darker studio claims Nexon is trying to ‘bleed [it] dry in court fees’

Readers who were following the brewing legal drama between Korean publisher Nexon and Dark and Darker developer Ironmace might have suspected it would be...

NCsoft is taking Kakao’s ArcheAge War to court over alleged plagiarism of Lineage 2M

ArcheAge War isn't just a delayed blockchain mess: It's also the subject of a new lawsuit. According to The Korea Times, NCsoft has filed a...

Monster Energy drink is hassling indie game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals over its name and logo

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals hasn't ever crossed our desk before, not being anything resembling an MMORPG, but it's multiplayer with PvP and co-op...

Massively on the Go: It’s Pokemon NO time again for Pokemon Go players

Niantic is the master of drip information, and most of it is both poor and incomplete, which is why we relegate most Pokemon GO news...

A year after FTC complaint, Roblox will now hide ads for players 13 and under

Last year, the watchdog group Truth in Advertising (TINA) filed a complaint with the FTC over Roblox's "deceptive advertising" reach towards younger players, claiming...
Well, then, nope.

Galaxies of Eden devs cancel plans for social sandbox MMO to develop dubious AI-generated playground

So remember how Galaxies of Eden had delayed its pre-alpha testing because of technical roadblocks and bugs? Well, we've finally heard from the studio...

ARK 2 is delayed into 2024, original ARK will get an August UE5 remaster you’ll have to re-buy

The weekly newsletter out of ARK: Survival Evolved is arguably a tale of bad news, then interesting news, then worse news. On the bad...
Of course this is the hitch.

Eden Eternal starts pre-registration… and offers players NFTs for participation

If you were looking forward to the relaunch of Eden Eternal under X-LEGEND, we have some bad news for you. It's not exactly the...

Ubisoft Paris is accused of developer crunch and poor project management by French game workers union

Solidaires Informatique, the French game workers union that has been working with employees at Ubisoft Paris since the developer's widespread sexual harassment claims came...