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Swords of Legends Online continues to focus its updates on cash shop items instead of content

At the top of this year we wondered whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online and found that the answer was a continually updating...

Massively Overthinking: What’s the ideal content cadence for an MMORPG in 2023?

Earlier this week, Guild Wars 2 revealed a major shake-up of its content delivery cadence. Studio ArenaNet suggested that the traditional living world cadence...

Whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online?

A funny thing happened as we were moving through our news room today. Bree noted out of the blue that we hadn't seen any...

One Shots: Looking forward to a rainy day

Is there anything as agonizingly tantalizing as receiving a gift that's for a very specific situation? You can't wait to use it, but it...
Spooky hiding?

Swords of Legends Online kicks off a Halloween-themed hide-and-seek event

A Halloween spirit has come over Shenzhou, and it's going to linger for a while. From October 27th until November 17th, players will be...
That's something, huh?

Swords of Legends Online patches in new difficulties for instances and a new outfit

It's time for new challenges in Swords of Legends Online with the game's newest patch, as the update includes new difficulties for two instances...

The MOP Up: Allods Online throws an orcish holiday

How many MMOs throw Orcs their very own holiday? I only know one: Allods Online, which celebrates all things orcish -- including goblin tossing...
I say again: MOOJ

Swords of Legends Online kicks off the Moon Festival and adds a new extreme mode

Ready to take on a harder version of the fights in the Realm of Hallucinations? The latest patch notes for Swords of Legends Online...

Swords of Legends Online is bringing new dungeons, biographies, and PvP content in its next update

There's some fresh content on the horizon for Swords of Legends Online players, and while there's not a date set for when it arrives,...

Swords of Legends Online’s latest event pits players against a spooky Ghost Bride

Swords of Legends Online apparently knows how to intrigue me: with glowy green ghosts. Gameforge has announced the Hungry Ghost Festival, a rather compelling...

The MOP Up: Survival sim Grounded tames gnats and preps for launch

Honey-I-shrunk-the-players survival sim Grounded's last big pre-launch patch arrived recently, adding gnat pets, a cookery building, and armor and weapon upgrade revamps. Grounded is...

Swords of Legends Online adds hard mode for the Demon Battlefield raid and a new event August 4

Swords of Legends Online players will have a couple of new things to do tomorrow, August 4th, when the game's latest update arrives. Those...

Swords of Legends Online opens new raid and heads to the beach for its first birthday

No, you're not just seeing things: Swords of Legends Online's Realm of Hallucinations is live this week. The raid zone is "a realm connected...

Swords of Legends Online celebrates its first anniversary with a screenshot contest and red envelopes in-game

Tomorrow, July 9th, will mark the first anniversary of Swords of Legends Online arriving to the west, and publisher Gameforge is looking to celebrate...

Swords of Legends Online’s next raid is full of horrifying demons

Hot on the heels of last week's update, Swords of Legends Online has previewed its next raid: Demon Battlefield. This 10-to-20-person raid asks players...

Swords of Legends Online adds new hard-mode dungeons and starts a new PvP season with its latest patch

Why dungeons gotta be all difficult and ? Why you gonna make me go through new hard modes of dungeons, Swords of Legends Online?...
Swingy and choppy.

Swords of Legends Online deploys its latest patch with more story, new zones, and added instances

Could someone politely let the team behind Swords of Legends Online know that you're allowed to have a website article be long? It can...

Swords of Legends Online is bringing more story, new zones, and revamped raid loot in its next update

Update 2.1 is on the horizon for Swords of Legends Online, and publisher Gameforge is promising it will be a "killer update," with more...

Swords of Legends Online opens up a new raid and starts a new battle pass season

The Firestone Legacy continues in Swords of Legends Online, and that means there's new content available in the MMORPG, specifically some new raid content...

The Stream Team: Some SOLO Backseat streaming

In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP’s Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...