Official Site: RuneScape
Studio: Jagex Games Studio
Launch Date: January 4, 2001
Genre: Fantasy Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Browser

Old School RuneScape outlines Sailing skill’s upcoming multi-month player feedback steps

Regular fans and followers of Old School RuneScape already know that Jagex likes to design new things by committee - aka through reams and...

Casually Classic: Eight legacy MMOs to satisfy that old school craving

It was just five years ago in 2018 that MassivelyOP formally recognized an interesting and heartening trend in the MMO space: the rise of...

Old School RuneScape opens a refreshed salon, pauses Desert Treasure II beta, and closes fresh start worlds

Getting a new hairstyle can often feel like a nice little refresh of your MMORPG character, and now players of Old School RuneScape can...

Old School RuneScape beta tests the rewards for its upcoming Desert Treasure II quest

What MMORPG beta tests the rewards of its quest line before those rewards or the quest itself go live? Old School RuneScape, that's what,...

RuneScape launches its Unwelcome Guests quest, Old School RuneScape players want to go sailing

If you have unwelcome guests, the best practice is to not wield medieval weaponry at them in order to make them go away, but...

Old School RuneScape celebrates Easter and opens new skill polls as Jagex accounts enters open beta

The Easter season is now available to Old School RuneScape players with this week's patch, and this year's event is a bit different thanks...

Early access retro PvP MMORPG Leafling Online has sunsetted over waning interest

Hey, remember Leafling Online? It first scooted onto our radar about two years ago as a free-to-play retro 2-D, nostalgia-driven open PvP sandbox; players...

RuneScape brings back its Easter-themed Spring Festival this week and preps the next Fort Forinthry quest

The spring season and its related holidays are in the air of RuneScape this week as the game's latest patch has brought back the...

Old School RuneScape floats three new skill ideas: Shamanism, Taming, and Sailing

As promised, Jagex revealed three potential new skill lines for Old School RuneScape today. Considering that OSRS is extremely skill-based, opening up the game...

Old School RuneScape edges ever closer to picking new skill concepts

Skill grinding really is the name of Old School RuneScape's game, so it's important to appreciate how big of a deal it is to...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape adds final batch of classic quests to speedrunning worlds and battles server issues

We're seeing something of a last hurrah for Old School RuneScape players on the quest speedrunning worlds, as those servers are getting their last...

RuneScape launches its murder mystery quest, makes lights shinier, and starts its player feedback initiative

This week in RuneScape is once again bringing a pretty mixed bag of updates to the MMORPG. Leading the game's headlines is the new...

RuneScape adds a murder mystery next week, Old School RuneScape brings the last of Poll 78 updates

Ah, the dinner murder mystery. It's a classic trope that seems to stand the test of time, and it's being explored by RuneScape next...

RuneScape removes threat mechanic from the Wilderness due to lack of player interest in the zone

Sometimes it's best to admit when a plan doesn't work out, which appears to be the case with RuneScape and its Wilderness zone. Readers...

The MOP Up: Wolcen comes to consoles

Action RPG Wolcen is expanding its realms this week as it jumps to consoles on March 15th. Maybe it's time to check out this...

Old School RuneScape tweaks Theatre of Blood entry level raid and digests feedback about a quest reward

Who wouldn't want to enter someplace called the Theatre of Blood? It sounds super chill and inviting! If you were one of the Old...

The Daily Grind: What has the MMO genre lost in its push to progress?

Having played both World of Warcraft retail and WoW Classic pretty extensively over the past few years, I can conclusively say that, for me,...

RuneScape launches a new Yak Track with fancy pets and applies oodles of quality-of-life updates

Would you like some fluffy friends to join you on your RuneScape adventures? Sure you would. Luckily, there are some very good animal companions...

RuneScape will be getting quest list filtering and sorting updates thanks to a game jam test

Last October the devs of RuneScape took a break from updating the MMORPG to work on personal projects related to the title in an...

Old School RuneScape celebrates 10 years with a cake-centered quest full of new cosmetic rewards

When someone has a birthday, it's customary to make a birthday cake, and Old School RuneScape is most certainly no different, as cake is...