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MMO Week in Review: LOTRO’s character customization expansion

Lord of the Rings Online characters will soon be able to adopt a whole new look as Standing Stone Games announced this week that...

MMO Week in Review: New World evades Amazon Games’ layoffs

Amazon Games was the latest victim of the broader Amazon corporation's latest round of mass layoffs this week, specifically the San Diego branch whose...

MMO Week in Review: Super Adventure Box Season

April Fools' Day is more like April Fools' Week in MMOs, and nowhere is it more elaborate than in Guild Wars 2, which reopened...

MMO Week in Review: Carn Dûm, Diablo IV, and CCP’s blockchain gamble

With Blizzard's Diablo IV open beta wrapping up tomorrow, the multiplayer world is certainly wrapped up in excitement and/or queues; our own previewers found...

MMO Week in Review: Diablo IV will see you in hell

Diablo IV rolled into its paid beta this weekend, stuttering with queue and performance issues that Blizzard rushed to amend. We'll have two impressions...

MMO Week in Review: Finding Wayfinder, farewelling Ghostcrawler

While its NDA remains in place, multiplayer co-op title Wayfinder did let media and players take a peek behind the curtain this week, and...

MMO Week in Review: Returning to Cantha

The first episode of Guild Wars 2's post-End-of-Dragons not-a-living-story season rolled out this week, sending players back to Cantha with the crew to solve...

MMO Week in Review: Throne & Liberty, New World’s seasons, and a pile of MMO birthdays

Amazon made two huge announcements that stole the MMO show this week: First, it's publishing NCsoft's Throne & Liberty in the west, and second,...

MMO Week in Review: Up-tempo Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet surprised fans this week with the announcement that it's essentially retiring the concept of Guild Wars 2's living world seasons going forward, switching...

MMO Week in Review: Blizzard’s bewildering business briefing

Blizzard dominated headlines this week as Blizzard counted its best quarter for monthly active players across all of its online games since it started...

MMO Week in Review: FFXIV’s cheaters, NCsoft’s layoffs

Cheaters did their best to spoil this week in MMOs as Final Fantasy XIV was ensnared by a scandal over players using forbidden plugins...

MMO Week in Review: Necrom, Refractions, and Blizzard’s latest blunder

Elder Scrolls Online kicked off the end of January with its reveal of Shadow Over Morrowind, the Necrom chapter, and the Scribes of Fate...
This is both awesome and an illustration of what's wrong.

MMO Week in Review: The NetEase-Blizzard fireworks show

World of Warcraft players got an extra dose of fireworks for Lunar New Year this week as NetEase clapped back at Blizzard, which apparently...
That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

MMO Week in Review: FFXIV 6.3, Smed, and the end of The Repopulation

Final Fantasy XIV's Gods Revel, Lands Tremble released this week, introducing a new dungeon, trials, storyline, and island sanctuary expansions in the first big...

MMO Week in Review: New year’s worries for WoW, ESO, and Lost Ark

The first week of the year may be quiet for MMOs, but we're not: This week, we bottled hype for Final Fantasy XIV's impending...

MMO Week in Review: Hello to the MMOs of 2023

The last week of the year is never huge on news, but we still had some bright spots - chief among them being the...
Punch drunk.

MMO Week in Review: Gamigo, WoW’s roadmap, and XIV 6.3

The week before Christmas is often a dumping ground for news studios need to offload before they go on break, and this week was...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2022

It's tradition for us to pick out one big story or narrative arc that defined the year and slap it with an award label,...

MMO Week in Review: Metzen, WoW’s trading post, and the new ESO strategy

World of Warcraft continued making waves all week: Blizzard announced a new trading post feature that doesn't sound half bad, Chris Metzen returned as a...

MMO Week in Review: Blue Protocol, Blizzard, and the Black Desert ball

Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards played host to a number of big announcements for MMO fans this week, including the news that Amazon is...