new world

Official Site: New World
Studio: Amazon Game Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: MMORPG Sandbox
Business Model: Unknown
Platform: PC

Amazon is shutting down New World’s and Lost Ark’s forums next week in favor of Discord

Yesterday, I said in MOP's work chat that the New World team deserved kudos for being one of the few major MMO studios pumping...

New World addresses PvP, mounts, and solo content as merges begin this afternoon

Amazon game director Scot Lane and live lead Katy Kaszynski helm another episode of New World's Forged in Aeternum this week - outside, standing...

Vitae Aeternum: Analyzing New World’s disappointing first season

It's now been a few weeks since the launch of New World's first season, Fellowship and Fire. I wanted to give it some time...
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New World’s latest server merges are happening tomorrow

When New World announced plans for another round of server merges affecting several servers for players in the Americas and central EU, one of...

New World prepares to merge 11 servers and open transfers from fresh start worlds

Before the launch of New World's first season, Amazon devs has promised that they would revist the server population situation, and now they've made...

New World’s Springtide Bloom event invites you to pick all the flowers next week

New World's incoming themed event is so pretty and flowery and springy that I just had an allergy attack looking at the promotional pics....

New World deep-dives the creation of its in-game languages

To understand this week's New World video from the Amazon devs, you need to know first that a conlang is a made-up language -...

New World weaves a story surrounding its recently added characters

When New World (eventually) released its Fellowship and Fire update, it added a new quest line that focused on several new characters and Grace...

MMO legend Richard Bartle reviews the highs and lows of New World

When one of the founding legends of MMORPGs spends 360 hours in your game, chances are that he has Opinions about how you did...

Massively Overthinking: How to alienate your MMORPG playerbase

I am not a Pokemon Go player, but I can't help but stare at its many trainwrecks thanks to the detailed coverage of our...

Perfect Ten: 10 reasons New World deserves a second look

If you were one of the many, many players who skipped off New World after giving it an initial try, well, we don't blame...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 417: Happy Compensation Day!

Justin and Bree discuss World of Warcraft, New World, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Amazon Games' layoffs, and Ghostcrawler's new MMO studio, with adventures in LOTRO and WoW Classic, plus a mailbag topic on problematic MMO speedrunning.

New World unleashes exploding bunnies on hapless players in tomorrow’s update

Now this is some appropriately thematic Easter content right here: New World is patching in Rabbit's Revenge overnight. Servers are expected to go offline...

New World devs discuss incorporating player PTR feedback to the live build

The latest episode of New World's Forged in Aeternum is up as of last night, with Amazon's David Verfaillie, Patrick Smedley, and Katy Kaszynski...
Time to poke on home.

The MOP Up: Pokemon Go and the mystery of the missing 15-foot spoon

A Pokemon Go player helped solve a bizarre mystery: A 52-year-old man playing the MMOARG stumbled upon a massive 15-foot red spoon near a...

The Stream Team: Peeking at the battle pass and latest quest lines of New World

Now that New World has put out its latest update (and ideally fixed all of the naked characters), MOP's Chris is going to take...

The rabbits are out to get you in New World (and vice-versa)

The rabbits are coming to get you in New World, Barbara -- so you best get out your biggest carrot and pray for the...

Global Chat: Do MMOs need help from artificial intelligence?

With tech news becoming more and more dominated by the sophistication and place of artificial intelligence, blogger Tobold asks if AI might be the...
It's fine. This is fine.

New World’s latest video talks about balance changes and balance plans

First things first. The latest video from the New World development team was filmed on March 21st, so if you were hoping it would...

Amazon Games hit with layoffs, but ‘the New World team in Irvine will grow’

Amazon is apparently continuing its mass layoffs, as this week the company slashed jobs even more relevant to MMO fans than Twitch: This time,...