Lord of the Rings Online tries to fix all the stuff the avatar update done broke


If you hadn’t noticed, Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 35.1 last week ushered in numerous bugs and weird quirks with the expanded avatar options for the human race. After suffering through the indignities of these for several days, players should have some relief with Wednesday’s patch.

Update 35.1.1 promised to address several avatar bugs, such as adding back in scars, fixing clothing issues, and addressing borked war-steed animations. [And fixing the bald Beornings! -Bree] Players can also expect to see click-and-drag functionality for the color shaders during character customization. And those who bought a fireworks throne — seriously, what’s wrong with you? — should now find it “usable.” That sounds OSHA-approved.

Looking even further ahead, SSG said that it expects to get the spiffy new forums online for both LOTRO and DDO sometime next week. And Lore-masters should perk up and pay attention, as the studio is polling them with numerous questions about their class and pet functionality.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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