Lost Ark’s May to August roadmap promises the Slayer class next month


Following up on their letter to gamers last week, Amazon and Smilegate have now released a proper summer – or maybe second trimester would be more accurate – roadmap for Lost Ark. And the first thing in May is actually the Slayer, the fifth Warrior advanced class described as a “female remix of the Berserker class.”

“[W]e know there are a few shocked faces out there seeing that the Slayer will arrive before the Aeromancer,” Amazon notes upfront. “Don’t worry, both will arrive with progression events to help players gear up quickly! We saw the high levels of anticipation and positive feedback surrounding the Slayer in the West when it was released in Korea in January, and coupled with many requests to try the class from our players— we decided to bring this class to you sooner rather than releasing the classes in order. New continents and Legion Raids have to be updated in order, while classes don’t have the same restrictions.”

May will also see a consolidation of Boss Rush and Cube activities, progression improvements, and another season of Proving Grounds. June heralds the continent of Elgacia, a new abyssal dungeon, and floors 26-50 of Fortunespire. July introduces inferno mode for the Kakul-Saydon legion raid, more content in Elgacia, and the “Music Box of Memories,” followed by August’s Akkan legion raid, the Aeromancer, and the Sonavel guardian raid.

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