Monsters & Memories has a public stress test coming this weekend


Ready to get your first hands-on look with a charming little indie MMO that’s seeking to evoke the olden days of both MMOs and tabletop gaming? Monsters and Memories is running a public stress test this Friday and Saturday, and you are invited. That’s what “public” means.

This is a very early pre-alpha test that’s only planned to operate for four hours each day with the possibility of an extension based on testing conditions. If you plan to participate, you’ll want to check with the official site for the specific times.

“The focus of these two sessions is technical stability at scale,” said Niche Worlds Cult. “This includes everything from download and installation, through in-game/network/server performance. Data derived from this test will enable future tests that focus on gameplay in general or other specific facets of the game. This stress test allows us to gauge where we’re at in development and plan for future sessions.”

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