Albion Online previews Knightfall’s content and quality-of-life perks


The Albion Online comfy chair welcomes you back to another video with Sandbox Interactive game director Robin Henkys, this one zeroing in on the Knightfall patch already heralded on the test server.

Knightfall, Henkys says, is not meant as a major update, just a patch that “packs quite a punch.” It will introduce new chest and treasure rewards, the new Knightfall Abbey dungeon in the Mists, and multiple improvements for Roads of Avalon content. The most interesting chunks might just be the quality-of-life improvements that buff the UI, character customization, and movement options.

“• Travel Mode display option: a partly-transparent Region Map overlaid on the screen
• Items can be repaired at the Marketplace
• Character gender can be changed for Gold
• Directional movement can be bound to hotkeys (for example WASD)”

The video is below.

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