Zenith shares video previews of Skyward Summit’s player housing and more Cyber Ninja gameplay


The upcoming Skyward Summit update headed to Zenith at some point or another isn’t just about the Cyber Ninja class or the introduction of PvP; it’s also bringing some player housing features, which were previewed in one of the game’s latest videos.

The housing system appears to be set in a personal instance while still being pretty robust, with plenty of furnishings, decorations, windows, and walls for players to arrange as they see fit in a freely mobile manner, along with the ability to freely paint things on the fly. Housing arrangement is all done through a handheld UI element, which also has menus for utility and power items, though those were not shown off.

It should be noted that the video (unsurprisingly) doesn’t focus on any of the associated costs of placing items, which appear to involve in-game currency, materials, and something called “utility points,” though those are likely tied to the aforementioned utility items.

Speaking of the Cyber Ninja, that class got yet another combat video preview, this time focusing on the dual-wielded kama weapons the class has access to; it’s only 24 seconds’ worth of footage, but it demonstrates plenty of twin-fisted slicing fun. Neither of these two videos offers any release window for Skyward Summit, but there does appear to be quite a lot happening for the MMO when it does decide to launch, and the update did host a second alpha test phase last week.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Twitter
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